Current Exhibit

February 23 - March 27

collide exhibit
Matriart Studio has collided paths with the great artist Aliester Moffitt. A beautiful collaboration of precision cuts, oil paints and wood staining. The exhibit will run from February 21 – March 27. If you would like to meet the artists, join us for the exhibit reception March 8, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Matriart Studio artwork by Jeanette Revote

Artist Statement:
"Ever since my childhood, I created art as a form of expression which became my visual diary for my sense of identity. No matter where life would take me, my love to create art never faded. It wasn’t until my experience as an architectural student did my artistic talents really come into fruition. I’ve always appreciated architecture and discovered the great qualities of light, shadow, 
and spatial relationships. These qualities have greatly influenced my art and helped me create a deep and expressive connection through wood.  I’ve always had the urge to explore and to experiment with new ideas. My sense of curiosity combined with my creative talents helped me create Matriart Studio."