Communications and Community Outreach

The Communications and Community Outreach Department is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our citizens and the community, as well as all departments and programs within the City of Plano by sharing the Plano strategic vision for excellence across multiple communication channels.

The department also works with the Mayor, City Council and City Manager to develop and present a broad range of community engagement programs and activities designed to provide opportunities for citizens to interact and share an open dialogue with them.

The customer service-oriented Communications and Community Outreach department has designed its operations in response to the Mayor and City Council strategic vision to most effectively utilize the City's main communication channels to communicate with our citizens, as well as the region, state and nation, about Plano's successful programs and services as well as the overall high quality of life in the community. Plano's success and the story we share is a direct result of successful economic development efforts, blue ribbon public schools, excellent infrastructure, a variety of attractive housing and neighborhoods, public parks, trails, recreation facilities and programs, libraries and green living initiatives. We also provide broad communication and community outreach support to all City departments to assist with their internal communication needs, as well as developing and sharing stories about services, programs, initiatives and community engagement efforts by each department with our citizens and the community.

Communication Channels and Services:

  • Plano TV
  • Plano City News
  • Plano City Call
  • Social Media
  • Engage Plano
  • Team Plano
  • Comprehensive communications and community outreach for all departments
  • Brand Standards and Logo Management
  • Community Engagement Programs, Initiatives and Events - Town Hall, Meet & Greets, Plano Citizens Academy