Lost & Found Pets

Lost & Found Pets Map
  1. Found a Pet?

Have you lost a pet?
If you are missing a pet, there are several steps you should take to help your pet return safely to your home:

  • Visit any shelters your pet possibly could have been taken. This is especially important if you live close to the borders of another city since pets will usually be taken to the shelter of the city where they are found. An owner should check each shelter in person as you are the only one who can identify your lost pet. Animal Services staff cannot provide any information over the phone about animals that are impounded for being at-large.
  • Please click here to visit our Virtual Lost and Found  to see if a caring citizen has found your pet and is taking care of it until its owner is located. If you find no matching “Found” report, you will need to submit a lost pet report. Please include a picture in your lost pet report if possible. Lost pet reports are kept on file for two weeks. If the animal is found during this period, please send us an email informing us of the outcome so we can remove your lost pet report from our system. The map is updated once daily, Monday through Friday, so check it regularly to ensure a listing is not missed. All information is subject to open records requests as required by state law.
  • If the pet was lost outside of Plano, contact the local animal shelter to file a lost pet report with them. You may also want to submit a lost pet report at FidoFinder or TabbyTracker.
  • If your pet was wearing a tag or was implanted with a microchip when it was lost, call the veterinarian, microchip company or other tag issuing agency to make sure your contact information is current and correct. If you did not previously register your microchip, register it as soon as possible with the microchip company or with FoundAnimals, Free Pet Chip Registry, PetLink, Home Again or other universal pet microchip database.
  • Search your neighborhood and let your neighbors know you are looking for a missing pet. If HOA and city regulations allow, place lost pet flyers/signs with photos of your pet near the entrances of your neighborhood. Ask local businesses, especially vet clinics and pet supply retailers, if you can post a lost pet flyer in their businesses.
  • Beware of pet recovery scams! Never give or wire reward money to someone who makes money a condition of returning a pet. Meet finders in a public place, such as an animal shelter or police station, and never meet them alone.
  • Keep checking the shelters at least once every other day they are open. Persistence can pay off as pets have been reunited with their owners after long periods of time.
  • If you’ve lost a cat, put its litter box outside as they can smell it from up to a mile away and find their way home. For more tips on finding lost pets, visit  Missionreunite.org.

For detailed information about finding a lost dog, please click here. For information about finding a lost cat, please click here.

*The Virtual Lost and Found will list the animals currently in our shelter on stray hold and where they were impounded by Animal Services staff as well as all reports of missing or found pets in Plano. This map is intended to make it convenient for owners to search for lost pets but is in no way meant to replace an actual in-shelter visit. It is still the owner’s responsibility to visit the shelter to identify pets even if the animal is not listed. Remember, pictures can be misleading so if there is any possible way a pictured animal might be your pet, please come to the shelter as soon as possible to verify its identity. The Virtual Lost and Found is updated Monday-Friday only, allow 24 to 48 hours for your listing to appear on the map.