Resources - Fall 2015 - Plano Park & Armstrong Park

  1. July 16 - Introduction
  2. August 6
  3. September 17
  4. September 26
  5. October 15
  6. November 19
City staff gave an introduction to the Love Where You Live program.  The full presentation can be found here.  
July 17 Love Where You Live Presentation
The neighborhood was split up into small groups to talk about what we love about our neighborhood and what areas need to be improved.  Some of those items are below.

What we love
  • Quiet, peaceful, and nieghborly
  • Great location to parks and schools
  • Low crime
Areas for improvement
  • Parking on streets causing narrow lane to drive through
  • Rental properties not being maintained
  • Creek behind Jasmine Ln is overgrown and not maintained.