Adapted Recreation

Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs
Plano Parks and Recreation Adapted Recreation programs offer recreational opportunities for individuals with special needs from 12 months to over 60 years of age. Programs are offered year round and provide a variety of activities such as; fitness, crafts and fine arts, education, outings and a variety of other programs that meet the needs of children/teens and adults with disabilities. Most classes are held at Liberty Recreation Center, 2601 Glencliff Drive. See our Recreation Catalog for location, dates and times. Although these programs are recreational, there are many benefits that are inherent within each of the programs. They stress social interaction, self-direction, speech and language and community involvement. These recreational programs provide a safe environment, respite for parents and caregivers, and learning through a variety of classes. Staff and volunteers are there to assist each participant in getting the most out of each program they attend.

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Click here to watch a brief video about our programs.

Stay updated with our monthly calendar! Check periodically for class start dates.

Fun Activities for Kids
Plano Adapted Recreation offers great classes for younger kids to stay active and socialize with others. What a perfect way for kids with any kind of delays to increase gross motor skills, strengthen hand eye coordination, body awareness, discipline, and self-esteem. Each child will progress at a rate which they are most comfortable and modifications will be made for any child that should need them. Check out some of the classes below!
Activities for Kids

Adult Trips
Come join u s for these fun outings that increase socialization. Whether it's a dinner or sports outing, you are sure to have a great time with friends. Check out some of the classes below!
Adult Trips

Monthly Dance Club
Please continue to check our website for an update on the location of our monthly Dance Club. A possible location and time will be posted by Wednesday, February 28, 2018. We understand the importance the dances have for our community and we want to continue to provide this service to our patrons. If you have questions or concerns, please call Dianne Dillon at 972-941-7272 or email at, or contact Ashley Smith at 972-941-7327 or email at

Journey to Explore (22 Yrs & Up)
Join us for this activity designed to improve the participant’s ability to live as independent as possible. Skills training to include accessing community recreation and socialization resources, navigating community resources and problem solving, meal planning and grocery shopping, accessing transportation using public transit, safety and emergency planning and employment preparation (if appropriate and/or desired). Learning these vital life skills paired with ongoing opportunities to network and socialize with others will present a favorable and unbeatable advantage for attainment of life and personal growth goals.

Forms and Guidelines
We strive to take the best care of our participants. In doing that, we require all of our participants to have a participant intake form filled out before they start a class. This form helps the instructor know a little about the participant before they meet.
Adapted Recreation Program Guidelines
Adapted Recreation Attendance and Refund Policy
Participant Intake Form

Adapted Recreation welcomes volunteers ages 12 and up. Ages 12-13 must have a parent present to volunteer. Ages 14 and up can volunteer on their own. All volunteers must fill out a volunteer form, and all adults must pass a background check before volunteering. If you would like to become a volunteer please fill out the volunteer form below.
Form for Adapted Recreation (PDF)