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Canine-Friendly Patios in Plano

Enjoying the patio scene at Plano restaurants with your canine companion is fairly new. Two years ago, the City implemented a variance for dog-friendly patios. Three restaurants have successfully received the variance and met the requirements so far, and they are:
  • Sip & Savor, 3921 Coit Rd.
  • Newks Eatery, 5960 W Parker Rd.
  • Katy Trail Ice House Outpost, 4700 W Park Blvd.
Help these restaurants by only going in and out with your pet through the outdoor patio entrance. Feed your pet before you head out because dogs are not allowed to eat on the patios. Keep your pet off the furniture and please follow responsible clean up protocol. Together we can enjoy a safe and satisfying restaurant experience.

2016 Food Safety Award Winners

Selection of award finalists was based on routine inspection scores, types of food preparation processes,  number of meal periods per day, and  opening date of the establishment. Criteria related to routine inspections included: maintaining a score of “A” on all routine inspections, zero critical violations on a routine inspection, zero valid complaints, no enforcement closures or municipal court citations. Award winners were selected based on group inspections during the month of August. More than 1,700 food establishments in the City were divided into seven categories for the purpose of the Award. Watch the video of this year's winners.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
1000 W. 15th St.

Jimmy John's
6141 Windhaven Pkwy.

Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery
6020 W. Parker Rd. 

Sunrise Senior Living of Plano
4800 W. Parker Rd.

Costco Wholesale
1701 Dallas Pkwy.

Jörg's Cafe Vienna
1037 E. 15th St.

7701 Legacy Dr.

2016 Food Safety Award Winners

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