Pet Redemption or Surrender

How to Redeem a Pet

Any owner redeeming an animal from the shelter will be responsible for the payment of all impoundment fee(s) and any costs of veterinary treatment if the animal was injured while at-large. In some situations, a citation for violating City Ordinances may also be issued. All animals impounded for violating City Ordinances must be implanted with an identification microchip prior to redemption and sterilized within thirty (30) days of redemption all at the owner’s expense.

Animals that, at the time of impoundment, have a current rabies vaccination and city registration are exempt from the sterilization clause for their first impound in any twelve month period provided that they:

  • Are registered with a national registry;
  • Are a sporting, livestock, or working dog belonging to an owner who is a member of a national or local breed, all-breed, sporting, or hunting club;
  • Are a professionally trained assistance or police service animal; or
  • Were at-large due to forces of nature, fire, or the acts of a third party who was not residing at the animal owner’s residence.

Animals impounded a second time in any twelve consecutive month period will be sterilized prior to being returned to their owner.

While we understand that accidents do happen, owners are responsible for:

  • Physically restraining all pets at all times
  • Providing the animal with required vaccinations against rabies
  • Maintaining a current city registration
  • Placing both vaccination and city registration tags on the animal’s collar

If a pet is allowed to roam at-large, Plano’s ordinances are set up to reward responsible owners through the fee discount program listed below:

Impound and Boarding Fees 
All impound fees are set by the City Council and must be paid in full prior to the animal being redeemed.

IncidentImpound and Boarding Fees
First Impoundment$75
Second Impoundment (in any twelve (12) consecutive month period)$100
Third and all subsequent impoundments (in any twelve (12) consecutive month
Previous full impound fee plus $100
Boarding per animal (daily for all or part of any one day)$10
Rabies Vaccination$10

The fee for the first impound in any twelve consecutive month period may be reduced by the following amounts if the animal, at the time of impound, is:

Currently vaccinated against rabies$10
Currently licensed with the city$10
Identified by traceable identification$15

Owners that repeatedly allow their pets to violate City Ordinances can face losing their pet in addition to fees and citations. After the third conviction for being at-large within any twelve (12) consecutive month period, a City Enforcement Agent may petition a municipal court judge for a hearing to determine if the animal is a continuing public nuisance. If deemed a nuisance, a municipal court judge may order the animal euthanized, adopted to a new home, placed with an animal adoption group, or removed from the City of Plano.

How to Surrender a Pet

We are a tax-funded, municipal animal shelter and therefore we can only provide this service to Plano residents. Owners who want to surrender their pets can bring them to the shelter anytime during the following hours:

Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
We do not provide this service on weekends.

Please bring current medical records of the animal if available. In special circumstances, elderly and/or handicapped residents may request an officer be dispatched to pick up their pets if they are unable to bring them to the shelter themselves.

What you need to know:

  • There is a $25 owner surrender fee plus an additional donation of at least $25 is requested.
  • The owner must sign an owner surrender form giving ownership of the animal to the City.
  • The owner must fill out a background form for the animal providing information about the pet’s personality and medical history. Download a canine background form here.Download a feline background form here.
  • The outcome for the animal (adoption, transfer to another agency, or euthanasia) is at the sole discretion of Animal Services.
  • Animal Services tries to find homes for every animal that comes to our shelter, but we can never guarantee placement for any animal. For this reason, we ask that you use us as a last resort only after all other attempts to find your pet a suitable permanent home have failed.
  • This transfer of ownership is final and irrevocable and Animal Services cannot call previous owners prior to any final disposition.