Smoke Alarm Assistance

If Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off

If the smoke alarms in your home or business are going off and you are unsure of why, please leave the building and call 911.

If you need assistance with a chirping smoke alarm or with help troubleshooting a smoke alarm problem, please call our Smoke Alarm Assistance hotline at 972-941-7471 and leave your name and number at the tone. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible. If you leave a message on the weekend know that your call will not be returned until Monday.

Please do not contact a Plano fire station directly for assistance with a smoke alarm.

What We Can Do

Please know that Plano Fire-Rescue does assist qualified citizens with smoke alarm issues. There is, however, a limit to the assistance we can provide. Please use the following information to determine if you meet the qualifications for assistance:

  • Plano Fire-Rescue will assist with smoke alarms for persons who are elderly or disabled.
  • Free smoke alarms will be installed in the homes of persons who are financially unable to purchase smoke alarms. Smoke alarms may not be obtained at Plano fire stations.
  • Batteries will be changed in smoke alarms that are located no higher than 10 feet from the floor on walls or ceilings. If the smoke alarm cannot be reached with a 6-foot ladder, Plano Fire-Rescue is not able to provide assistance.
  • A limit of 3 smoke alarm batteries will be changed in each home.

If you need assistance but do not meet these qualifications we ask that you refer to the Yellow Pages to reach a qualified electrician or handyman to assist you with your smoke alarm needs.

If you meet the qualifications for assistance with a smoke alarm, please leave your name and a good contact phone number at 972-941-7471. Please speak clearly and slowly.